A new way of interacting with different people

Happy hour is usually a marketing term that is used for a time when a venue such as a restaurant or a bar offers reduced prices on alcoholic drinks. Discounted menu items like appetizers are also often served during happy hour. These are one of the ways that bars and restaurants use to draw the attraction more people before or after peak business hours; in terms of timing, the happy hour in Houston usually take place in the late afternoon and early evening because it’s full between the end of the workday and the start of the dinner rush. However, happy hour can take place virtually any time of day. It just depends on the type of restaurant we want to go to.

But while doing this sort of promotion, the restaurant industry’s secret weapon for quite some time, it’s also important to point out that some states are not too fond of using this practice to gain more business or attract more people.

The reason why happy hour is good for the restaurant

  • Drive Traffic and Boost Sales
  • Upsell Orders: happy hour can be very profitable if they present many opportunities to upsell. In other words, just because the bar owner or the restraint owner provides some discount on drinks on the menu doesn’t mean the customers will spend hefty prices, so upselling can be baked into its promotion.
  • Acquire new customers: there’s no doubt that happy hour can be a great way to have new customers temporarily. So, introducing happy hour just for the time being it should be made an audition type which will help to know the customers about the taste of what the restaurant provides. If we can do this regularly, it can undoubtedly help in getting more customers.
  • Generate buzz for the restaurant: generally, happy hour is not a mysterious affair that should be kept secret. We can build brand awareness using social media and table signs by promoting happy hour drinks and food specials.

Why is happy hour critical?

Having a happy hour with team members helps in better understanding among the group member; it provides an opportunity to interact, which is not always possible during office hours. Sometimes while drinking, it might develop new ideas and foster new relationships.


Happy hour generally serves many purposes for the restaurant operators, including driving traffic and sales, creating buzz about the venue, and providing guests the opportunity to try a signature or special drink of the restaurant, which is generally offered at an attractive price and generating loyalty which results in repeat business.